UPS vs Cradock

This past Saturday, 11 June, Union Preparatory School’s u/9 rugby and hockey sides travelled to Cradock to participate in Cradock Preparatory School’s annual Johnny Joubert sports tournament.

Union was able to field three u/9 hockey sides and we are really proud of how they performed.

While our A side won all their matches, the B and C sides showed a lot of skill and fared exceptionally well against their competition.

The results were as follows:

  • u/9A beat Bedford 9-0
  • u/9A beat Burgersdorp 7-1
  • u/9A beat Cradock 5-3
  • u/9B beat Cradock B 9-0
  • u/9B lost to Volkskool A 0-4
  • u/9C lost to Templeton 0-8
  • u/9C drew to Cradock B 3-3

Our two u/9 rugby sides showed a lot of grit and determination, with the A side also winning both their encounters.

The results were as follows:

  • u/9A beat Karel Theron 7-0
  • u/9A beat Cradock B 17-0
  • u/9B lost to JPS B 0-42
  • u/9B lost to Fort Beaufort 0-47

Well done to all the boys and girls and their coaches!

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