Whilst we strive for the holistic development of our pupils, academic excellence remains our core business. Our pupils must master the three “R’s” – reading, writing and “rithmetic”, as in years gone by.

Fortunately our school is blessed with two elements that underpin the learning process – a tranquil setting with peaceful and quiet surrounds and most importantly, a corps of highly qualified and extremely competent teachers. They are handpicked during a stringent selection process that ensures only the best mentors for our children.

Little ones need a mom away from Mom during the day, and we ensure that they are in the hands of a warm and loving lady, who is understanding and compassionate, preferably with children of her own.
Our classes are small. We try to limit the teacher/learner ratio to 1:25 in order for every pupil to enjoy the optimum contact with his/her teacher. The result is that our pupils develop a positive sense of self, born from a sense of achievement, whilst pitted against a relatively small pool of competitors. This sense of self esteem stands them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

Yes, we do have interactive whiteboards in some of our classrooms and computers to satisfy the technological needs of our youngsters, but we believe that nothing beats the wholesome interaction between a vulnerable child and a good and solid adult example for a child to aspire to.
Following from the Annual National Assessment which is written by all schools in the country, Union Preparatory School emerged as a benchmark school.