The Union Schools boast magnificent sports fields and facilities cradled in a beautiful setting at the foot of a mountain.
Despite being a relatively small school, Union teams compete successfully with much larger schools on the sports field, often performing way beyond expectation. This is evidence of our holistic approach in which we encourage our pupils to pursue excellence and to achieve their full potential in every sphere of school life.
We strive toward three primary goals in sport:
• To foster the highest standard of sportsmanship.
• To encourage excellence and winning ethos.
• To provide coaching and sporting opportunities for every learner in the school.

The Sports Department employs professional rugby, cricket, hockey and tennis coaches who provide expert coaching and administration. Our fine facilities include a hockey Astroturf, magnificent playing fields, turf cricket nets, a swimming pool and tennis courts. In addition to this our learners participate in cross country events and athletics. (Swimming coaching is offered as a sport only to learners who are already water safe. The minimum requirement is to have the ability to swim a width of the pool unaided and without a flotation device.)

Each learner is expected to participate in at least one summer and one winter sport, but many participate in as many as is feasible.

Although situated in the arid Karoo, Union Preparatory school is indeed blessed with incomparable sports fields and facilities.