Our Heritage


By 1963, the school had over 600 pupils enrolled. Land was bought in Plasket Street and the building of a prep school began in 1965. It was opened in 1967, remaining under the control of Union High School headmaster and committee. In 1970, Union Prep became independent from the high school.

Today, Union Prep School offers classes from Grades 1 – 4 and is led by Mr Ross Hulleman. Union High School, led by Mr William Pringle, offers classes from Grades 5 – 12.

"Heritage is not a luxury or pleasant recreational pastime, but an integral part of our future."

Dame Jenny Abramsky





Past Principals

  • Mrs. B Botha
  • Ms. L Rich
  • Mrs. Y Drummond
  • Mr. P Strydom
  • Mr. Cumming
  • Mr. Chambers
  • Miss E.H. Daly (photo)