Pupils are exposed to many forms of arts and culture through musicals, drama, singing and variety concerts. Participation in these events builds creative expression, boosts self-confidence, and offers another avenue for team work and personal achievement.

Cultural Facilities
• Music Room
• Audiovisual room
• Dome for large group performances


Bold use of colour allows young personalities to shine in the art room. Pupils here are introduced to a variety of media and modes of expression.

UPS Art Club under the guidance of Mrs Corrie Potgieter, offers free Art Lessons to 32 Grade 1 Learners as an Extra-Mural. 


  • Chess has long been regarded as a game that can have beneficial effects on learning and development, especially when it is played from a young age.
  • It develops analytical, and decision-making skills, which can be transfered to real life.
  • It can help children to gain insights into the nature of competition which will help them in any competitive endeavor.
  • When youngsters play chess they must call upon higher-order thinking skills, analyze actions and consequences, and visualize future possibilities.
  • In countries where chess is offered widely in schools, students exhibit excellence in the ability to recognize complex patterns and consequently excel in math and science.
  • Union Preparatory offers chess from Grade 1 on a weekly basis.



Students may study:

  • Piano
  • Recorder
  • In addition, Union Prep has two choirs (junior and senior) as well as an orchestra for Grade 3 and 4 pupils.