Special Assembly Awards

Before the year draws to a close, we still have a heap of 2021 news items regarding our learners and our teaching staff we’d like to share with our community.
The next couple of weeks will see most of the items shared via our Facebook page.
We’d like to begin again, however, by noting the #achievements of the five learners featured here, for which they were acknowledged during the school’s recent Special Assembly.
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• ?????? ?????? who was presented with the Horace Stanton Floating Trophy for the Grade 4 General Knowledge Champion.
• ?????? ?????? was awarded the Old Unionite Floating Shield for Top Academic Achievement in Grade 4. ??????????????? ?????? ?? ?????? ????? ?? ???? ?????!
• The Harlin Lepotha Memorial Shield – donated by the 2007 A-10 Class – for the learner who demonstrates strength of character and shows personal growth while maintaining a positive disposition was this year awarded to ???? ????.
• This year’s recipient of the Bruce Cumming Award is ?????é ????????????. This Honours Trophy is awarded to the learner who is an all-rounder. This learner achieves as a scholar, participates in cultural activities and on the sports field. He/she displays leadership qualities and sportsmanship. ???????????????, ?????é!
• The Alet Kingwill Floating Trophy for the most outstanding Piano student was awarded to ????? ??? ??? ??????.