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The ground-breaking ceremony for Union Preparatory School’s new building expansion was held bright and early on Monday morning, 4 October.
“The school’s increasing learner count signalled a need for more classrooms,” commented SGB chairman, Mr Dave Stern.
“The extension will add three new classrooms – ????² of extra space – to the school to accommodate the swell in the learner population.”
Construction of the new classrooms will be in full swing by the time the learners return to school next week and is expected to be completed in early 2022.
Once completed, they will be utilised as Grade 4 classrooms.
“We are very excited by these new developments and look forward to seeing the project completed,” said Mr Stern. “We extend our grateful thanks to all those who went above and beyond in their duties to see this project realised, and, as always, are extremely grateful to the wonderful staff compliment at the school for their support as well as the UHS Development Trust for their support of and contribution to the project.”
Seen here, shovel in hand, is Mr Dave Stern, Union Preparatory School’s SGB chairman. With him are UPS educators Mrs Alet Kingwill and Mrs Corrie Potgieter as well as Mr Donovan Burger (SGB vice-chairman).