Many of our Union Preparatory School’s parents will remember growing up with the MTN Gladiators game show in the late 90s and very early 2000s.
Competitors faced off against one another, taking on various obstacles throughout the course while dodging whatever attacks the Gladiators launched against them, such as traversing a wobbling bridge while a large and heavy bag, much like a wrecking ball, was swung towards them. And, who can forget the baton fights atop an unstable pillar where a well-placed hit to the head could send a Gladiator tumbling to the ground below?
Twenty years later, it’s high time that those batons are picked up once more.
Yesterday, new Gladiators Adira and Warrior visited Union Preparatory School as part of a nationwide anti-bullying campaign.
The aim of their visit was to raise awareness of bullying and to highlight ways of preventing and responding to it.
The children enjoyed their visit tremendously, actively participating in the programme and, needless to say, they are eagerly awaiting the new Gladiators TV show, which is scheduled to start airing soon!