A recipe for success

?Β Seen here is a news clipping from 2001, featuring Union’s ‘Karoo Family Favourites’ recipe book and the three stalwarts responsible for its success. We are truly grateful to – after more than 20 years – still have these three wonderful ladies as the driving force behind the ‘Karoo Family Favourites’ fundraising initiative.

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The Union Schools are very excited to announce that we are busy with a new edition of the β€˜Karoo Family Favourites’ recipe book.

This will be the 6th edition of this – by now almost legendary – publication, that saw its first print run more than 20 years ago as a school fundraising initiative.

Each page is filled with traditional Karoo recipes that will no doubt bring back many memories for those familiar with the region.
All that’s needed is more of your fantastic recipes to add.

If you would like to contribute one of your tried and tested, flop proof, family-favourite recipes to the book, please submit it to uhsmarketing@unionschools.co.za

Please note that the e-mail needs to include your name, contact details AND the relationship to the child in the school.

The recipes will be collected and sorted, so please bear in mind that NOT all the recipes will be included in the book if there are more than one of the same.

The recipe book will be available for purchase in early 2022.

ALL recipes need to be SUBMITTED for consideration by Friday, 3 September, at the latest