Classroom Management

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At Union Preparatory School we believe that improvement isn’t something that starts and stops, but it’s something that requires a commitment to an ongoing process of learning, self-reflection, adaptation and growth.
It is with this in mind, that Union Preparatory School’s educators attended a workshop on ‘Classroom Management’ on Friday afternoon, 30 July, conducted by Mr Aidan Rittels and Mrs Valerie Lewack, who enlightened the teachers with tips on effective classroom management.
The goal of the workshop was to equip the teachers with the necessary skills to:
⁍ review and develop procedures needed to maintain proper classroom decorum,
⁍ complete a self-check to analyze their classroom environment,
⁍ explore effective methods for teaching social skill development in all learners and for promoting mutual respect, cooperation, and support for one another; and
⁍ discuss strategies for communicating with learners in a supportive manner.