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One of the many things that make Graaff-Reinet a very special town is the fact that it is almost completely surrounded by the Camdeboo National Park.
This means that from our classrooms at Union Preparatory School, we can view some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. By going one step further, schools can make use of the magnificent facilities of the park’s Environmental Education Centre!
So that’s what we did.
Seen here in the accompanying photographs are our Grade 4s’ during their excursion to the Camdeboo National Park’s Environmental Education Centre at the end of Term 2.
The outing was aimed at complementing the educational content the learners are being taught in Geography and Natural Sciences & Technology this year and served as a wonderful reprieve after two weeks of exams.
Upon arrival at the centre, the learners were welcomed with some fun ice-breaker games. Small groups then set off into the veld armed with maps which had to be interpreted to be able to find task-specific information. Here, many of our learners’ leadership skills came to the fore as groups carefully completed the trail.
The outing also saw the learners being taught more about the wildlife and the various uses of different plants found in the park.
Once everyone was back at the centre, they enjoyed a welcome break for snacks and refreshments, with the consolidation of the day’s activities leading to a discussion on how they can help protect nature.
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