Grade Meetings: A short summary

Earlier this week, Union Preparatory School invited the school’s parent body to a series of meetings which had been scheduled for the Grade 1, 2, 3 and 4 learner groups.
Meetings such as these play a significant role in enhancing a child’s education as it’s an effective way for the school’s educators and management to inform parents about matters of import relevant to their child’s schooling.
At the start of each meeting, parents were introduced to their respective Grade’s educators, some of the school’s SGB members and management.
The first matter on the agenda was a breakdown of the school’s current timetable. Parents were informed in detail about its structure and the thought processes that went into the planning thereof.
Other matters discussed, included the importance of paying school fees, the reintroduction of sport which is expected to commence in the next couple of weeks, and the upcoming SGB elections which will be held in March.
As mentioned in the meetings, participation in the upcoming SGB election means that you either nominate and vote for a candidate who you think would make your child’s future a top priority, or you offer to stand in the elections yourself so that you can play an active role in influencing the way the school is run.
Please note that detailed information about the nomination and election process will soon be made available to our parent body.
An appeal was then made to all parents to ensure that the school has their correct contact details so that communication between the school and the parents isn’t hampered in any way.
The exemption of learners was also addressed.
Here it was mentioned that all learners who were granted exemption from attending school last year, shall be exempted until 30 June 2021, or until further notice, depending on changing circumstances.
Learners who have not applied for exemption, and now wish to do so, can still submit their application.
Learners who have been exempted from school attendance, and whose circumstances have improved, are urged to return to school as soon as possible.
In closing, parents were reminded of the school’s “Open Door” policy and were encouraged to contact the school with any questions or concerns, so a timely solution can be found.
The floor was then opened to parents to voice any concerns or questions they might have.
Overall, the school was pleased by the representation of parents at the respective meetings and hope that parents benefitted by becoming more confident about the value of their school involvement this year.