Support classes kick off

As Covid-19 swept across the world a few months ago, and life as we knew it came to an eerie halt, there was a scramble for as much continuity as possible.
While technology has generally kept Union Preparatory School’s teachers teaching and the learners learning during lockdown, learners’ experiences of the lockdown period were, understandably, very varied.
Some learners returned to school well prepared with an excellent grasp of the concepts covered. Others need one or two concepts to be revised and consolidated with them while some require a more hands-on approach to fully grasp the subject matter covered during lockdown.
In order to assist those learners who require consolidation and revision, Union Preparatory School recently kicked off with afternoon support classes.
The classes, which are held every afternoon after school free of charge, are structured so that learners can receive one-on-one teaching, thereby ensuring that all learners are on an equal footing going forward and that the rest of the year’s academic programme can progress smoothly going forward.
“Union Preparatory School is blessed with dedicated teachers, who, first and foremost have their learners’ best interest at heart,” said principal Mrs Belinda Botha. “I am extraordinarily thankful to them for being so willing to offer up their time to help our learners succeed academically.”