UPS drive-through spreads joy!

Having last seen their learners almost 80 days ago, Union Preparatory School’s staff decided they weren’t going to let the Coronavirus keep them from showing their kids a little love any longer.

In a unique way of delivering their learners’ newest schoolwork packs, the staff at Union Preparatory School decided to host a drive-through on Monday afternoon, 8 June.

In a special message to parents, the UPS staff asked them to bring their kids with them when they came to collect the packs.

Parents were instructed to drive through the parking lot of Union’s Arthur Kingwill House, where they could then stop and pick up their child’s pack, while their kids had the opportunity to say ‘hello’ to their favourite teachers!

Not only would the staff be able to reconnect with their learners, but they would do it while social distancing!

Dressed in fun costumes, with balloons bouncing in the wind, the teachers had a fantastic time distributing the work packs, (sanitizing throughout), while having a quick word with parents and smiling at all the little heads that popped out of the cars’ windows!

“We are more than school, we are a family,” said principal, Mrs Belinda Botha while commenting on how good it was to see all the learners again.

“We’re really missing them. This was a small way to show our love to them,” Botha said.

While some learners used the opportunity to show the teachers their new pets, such as one Grade 1 learner’s new little lizard buddy, other learners dropped off notes and little presents for their teachers.

“We miss them tremendously. It’s been almost three months since we’ve seen them and we just want to let them know that we love and miss them,” Grade 3 teacher Ms Chanzelle Heunis said.

“They’re really the fun part of this job and I don’t get to see them every day to have that fun part anymore so this was just to see their faces and to let them know that I’m going to be here for them no matter what.”