Reopening of renovated Max Kroon House

On Monday morning, 14 October, the Union Schools celebrated the reopening of Max Kroon House with a delightful brunch.

At the start of the second term, the school embarked on an extensive renovation of Max Kroon House – the Grade 4 boys’ and girls’ boarding house.

This was done to ensure that the school’s boarding facilities continue to provide a high-quality living and learning environment and to make the little boarders’ accommodation as comfortable and homely as possible.

As it was impractical for the boarders to reside there while construction was underway, all the Grade 1 to 4s were incorporated into the Herby Arnott and Arthur Kingwill houses.

The little ones moved into these temporary residences in April and there was much excitement as they set about exploring.

The HAH and AKH house prefects and staff made them feel most welcome and thanks are extended to all concerned for taking each and every aspect of the move into consideration and especially to the matrons, parents and learners for being so accommodating.

The renovations in the months that followed were extensive and we are particularly grateful to the following people: Mr Graham Rittels of Rittels Construction, Mr Bernie Weyer of Weyer Waterston Roon Architects, The Trustees of the UHS Development Trust for supporting this project, Mrs Martie Sullivan, Mrs Brenda Murray, representing the UPS Governing Body, and Mrs Lyn Rose-Innes of the high school governing body who drove this project.

We are also grateful to Mrs Ulrike Collett, Mrs Liesl Kingwill and Mrs Bronwen Langmead for painting a beautiful mural for the children’s enjoyment and Mr Jacques Muller who consulted on the decor.

The renovations included a complete gut of the house, both internally and externally, and all finishes being redone.

The most important aspects were the construction of a second bathroom directly above the existing bathroom, the expansion of the entrance area, the repositioning of the fire escape and ensuring a modern safe exit system linked to an alarm system, the construction of a bathroom and kitchen in the Assistant Matron’s flat, the construction of two dedicated locker rooms and the modernisation of the plumbing systems.

This boarding house can now comfortably accommodate approximately forty learners each year and will provide them with first-rate facilities and a safe and loving home where dedicated matrons will ensure that they are loved and nurtured in an environment where they can thrive.

We are truly blessed.