Message from UPS principal

A message from Union Preparatory School’s principal, Ms. Leona Rich

One hundred years ago a proud tradition – which called for the two leading schools in Graaff-Reinet to pit their strengths against each other on the sports fields – was established.

In this, our Centenary year, the tradition of Interschools sports matches between the Union Schools and Volkskool is soon to be enjoyed once again.

From 6 to 10 August the town will be a-buzz with loyal Old Unionites as well as past learners of Volkskool who will come home to enjoy the games and rekindle the memories from their past.

Little muscles are being flexed. Tiny heads are put together as game plans are being made. Excited whispers from behind tiny hands rustle through the corridors of the Prep School. Choral voices resound from The Dome as songs are being practised for our special Interschools Assembly.

Little boys scream their war cries and little girls twitter and tweet theirs. It is time again for the greatest and most exciting event on the Union Schools’ 2019 calendar.

Our Preppies thrill at the discovery of this new sense of belonging, other than belonging to a family or a class-group or a team.

The camaraderie, the agony and the ecstasy of competing and winning or losing or just the very important act of participating or supporting, all serve to form part of the intricately woven tapestry of each child’s set of life skills.

Bonds will be forged and lasting memories will be made. It is unique to the Union Schools that former pupils return from far afield, even abroad, to show their loyalty and support to their Alma Mater.

This is an event where the true spirit of good sportsmanship will be put to the test.

It is our wish that the Graaff-Reinet business community will benefit from the influx of people which is generated by this event every year. The schools need the businesses to flourish and the businesses need the schools to do well and provide excellent schooling.

This healthy symbiosis ensures a thriving community.

We thank our sponsors for their loyal support during the year and for making this memorable occasion possible. May their businesses prosper.

Our first team rugby and hockey scarves were sponsored by Mark and Karlien Hudson (Karlien Hudson Occupational Therapy and Hudson Safaris Africa) and Wolma and Janine Kemp (Africa Anyway Safaris).

The Union Schools wish to thank them for their generous support.

We invite the public to come and share in the excitement and good, clean fun to be enjoyed from 6 to 10 August at the Union Schools and Botanics sports grounds.

It will be an extraordinary experience due to our Centenary celebrations, with something extra special to be enjoyed by everybody.

Best wishes to all the teams, coaches, Volkskool, parents and participants!