Music Hour

From large inclusive choirs to individual musicians, all the learners of Union Preparatory School are encouraged to explore and respond to music.

This week, in one of the school’s most anticipated functions of the year, the learners were able to showcase the pieces they have been working so hard on.

The annual Music Hour was held on Thursday evening, 6 June.

The evening’s entertainment included recorder ensembles, piano duets, individual piano pieces and performances by both the senior and junior choirs.

What was evident among these Grade 1 to 4 learners, was the rapt attention, discipline and absolute love of music that each of them displayed.

The school extends its grateful thanks to the amazing performers as well as to Mrs. Alet Kingwill for accompanying the learners on the piano (and her expert tutelage and commitment throughout the year).

The school also appreciates the efforts of all the dedicated members of staff who, as always, ensured that this event was a great success.

The evening, however, wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the learners’ family members who consistently support them in their musical endeavours, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to them in this respect.