Face tiles, mosaic of memories

Face tiles, a mosaic of memories

For the past few years, little square photographs honouring the school’s Grade 4s, have been brightening the walls of Union Preparatory School.

“The idea behind it is to show the faces of all of the little Grade 4s who attended UPS before making the transition to Grade 5 at Union High School’s middle school,” said Mrs. Leona Rich, the school’s principal.

“The project – initiated in 2012 – has ensured that our walls are now brightened with hundreds of little smiling faces, which always pull at our heartstrings when we pass them.”

During their Grade 4 year, each little learner is photographed according to a different theme each year and then immortalised on a canvas to be erected on its designated spot on the wall.

It’s just precious to see these little kids’ faces and its gladdening to know that, one day, when they return to Union Prep School years from now, their faces will still be there, as a testament to their years at UPS.

PHOTO: UPS’s Grade 4 teachers Mr. Marchant van Rooyen and Mrs. Robyn Bellingan sit in front of one of the walls that feature the photos of past years’ Grade 4s.