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Following a very successful book drive hosted by Union Preparatory School as their 2021 Mandela Day initiative, the school’s principal, Mrs Belinda Botha, visited the Uniting Reformed Church in Du Plessis Street, Kroonvale, on Friday morning, 25 June, to present them with a ‘book nook’ for their daycare centre.
Mrs Botha was accompanied during the visit by Grade 2 educator Mrs Robyn Bellingan, the school’s remedial educator Ms Valerie Lewack and five eager Grade 4 learners.
The Uniting Reformed Church, led by Rev Petrus Gysman, recently established a daycare centre for children aged 6 months to 5 years after a need was identified in their community for a centre offering early childhood education. Under the guidance of Mrs Liezelle Gysman, the centre focuses on the learning, developmental, social, and physical needs of young children in the church’s community.
During the school’s visit, each of the Grade 4s – who are currently learning all about Nelson Mandela at school – were given the opportunity to address the centre’s little learners and their caretakers about the importance of reading.
The ‘library nook’ consists of a beautiful bookcase that was purchase with the funds raised during the school’s recent ‘High Heels & Ties Civvies Day’ and is filled with bright, colourful books generously donated by the parents of Union Preparatory School.
Rev Gysman expressed his immense gratitude to the Union Preparatory School community for this much-needed donation.
“Too many children are growing up in a world without books,” said Mrs Botha. “They live in families where parents are struggling even to put food on the table, so buying books is simply not possible. Without access to books, children may never have the chance to expand their horizons through education or experience the joy of reading. We hope that this donation will contribute to a reading-focused, welcoming space, where this centre’s children can discover the magic of reading.”
• Union Preparatory School would like to express its sincere thanks to the learners, their parents and extended family for their wonderful support of this initiative. The school is so very fortunate to have such a supportive community that enables us to realise projects such as these.