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Sure, eating dead animals is pretty gross! But did you know that vultures serve a very important purpose in the ecosystem? By swooping in to remove animal remains, these scavenger birds clean up the environment and help prevent diseases from spreading.
Earlier today, Friday, 11 June, Union Preparatory School’s Grade 3 and 4 learners had a fantastic time learning this, and a myriad of other interesting facts about vultures, when they were visited by the Camdeboo National Park‘s People and Conservation Department and a representative of the KAROO Vulture SAFE ZONE, Ms Danielle du Toit.
The visit, a National Environment Month activity, was aimed at educating the learners about the Karoo Vulture Safe Zone project and about vultures in general.
➑️ Read more about the Karoo Vulture Safe Zone here: https://www.sanparksvolunteers.org/karoo-vulture-safe-zone/
The learners had a wonderful time discovering all the many interesting things there is to know about vultures… they especially enjoyed pretending to be the different types of vultures during a fun demonstration of their feeding habits.
The most important bit of information shared with the learners, however, was the dire threat of extinction facing vultures and the importance of protecting the species.
Union Preparatory School extends its thanks to SANParks and Ms du Toit for this very educational visit.