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Union Preparatory School is currently running a fun and engaging anti-bullying campaign with the Grade 4 classes to get the learners actively involved in the fight to put an end to bullying.
The main aim of the campaign is to institute a strong peer support system among the Grade 4s and to teach them that it is their collective responsibility to stop bullying.
Through various activities that had the learners making anti-bullying posters, discussing various bullying scenarios and participating in anti-bullying exercises, the learners were instructed what to do about bullying as a victim and as a bystander.
The learners soon began to understand bullying at a deeper level and were given real actions they can take to curtail a bullying situation. Each learner was empowered to commit to something they can do differently the next time they are involved as a bystander, bully or victim.
? The Grade 4s can be seen playing ‘Broken Telephone’ in the accompanying photographs. This activity was used to demonstrate to the learners that spreading rumours about someone is a type of bullying. They can also be seen doing a rope pulling exercise, which served to demonstrate to the children the power they have if they stand together against bullies.