End of Term Ⓕ?? Day

Union Preparatory School’s ‘End of Term Fun Day’ proved to be a very memorable way to end the first term of 2021!
Despite the chilly weather, the children had a blast participating in all the fun challenges and the laughter and squeals of delight could be heard from a block away!
While the Grade 1 to 3s took turns taking part in a variety of challenges, which included a ‘Pop the Balloon’ station, a ‘Spaghetti Tower’ station, a ‘Roll and Drop’ station and an ‘Art’ station to name but a few, the Grade 4s were put through more rigorous challenges, which included an obstacle course with a puzzle challenge, a fire-making challenge, wheelbarrow races and a mud pit challenge which our little Grade 4s took on with grit and a lot of smiles.
Union Preparatory School extends a sincere word of thanks to all the members of staff who pitched in to make this day a ton of fun for our little learners!
We hope our learners have a restorative break and look forward to welcoming them ALL back at the start of Term 2!